Aromatherapy massage Seattle

Aromatherapy massage Seattle

Our aromatherapy bar is unlike any other in Seattle.  Let the power of the intentional aromatherapy transform your mind, body and spirit in combined with your massage.

Over the past few years I had searched for the perfect aromatherapy for my clients in our spa.  I wanted to have something unique that drew my clients deep into their massage with a unique blend of essential oil that was specific to only them.

I found Body Bliss aromatherapy at Live Love Spa, a experiential spa show.  I was immediately excited about their aromatherapy app and their highest quality organic essential oils.  I finally found the perfect solution to needing a unique experience for my clients.

How it works:  When getting prepared for your aromatherapy massage at Ananya Spa Seattle, you first use a familiar I pad to access the app.  You then chose a pathway that will bring you to your desired outcome.  You can choose from 1. your numerology oils, 2. a specific oil that you love and it will help you choose thing that go well with it, or 3. how you are feeling and what sort of outcome you would like.  It really is amazing.  Then your massage therapist will blend it while you relax and melt onto the massage table.  Your therapist will use the oil during the massage and you will feel a deeper, more relaxing, more “feeling” sort of massage.  As an added bonus you get to take the oil home with you.

I hope you all enjoy this service as much as I do!

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  1. 06.14.2017

    Your article very helpful for me about the seattle massage which i was searching but your blog providing me allot of information thank you.

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